Spinner Date Option Problem


I am trying to use the spinner as a way to move up and down a date by a week but it only moves up and down by 1 day. Even if I change to hour it still moves up and down by 1 day. Is there some setting I am not using that is causing this. I know Travis showed it at the training and I am sure it worked correctly.



You can move up a day, hour minute or second by first putting your cursor in that section and then using the spinner buttons. Even if you have a date step size selected you can override that by moving your cursor.

Thanks Travis

I am having problems with the spinner.

I have a spinner with the STEP set to DAY and when I select the Spinner, it always changes the MONTH value. I have even moved the cursor to the DAY and when I press up or down, the Spinner changes the MONTH instead.

I am using the Mobile Module and trying to change a date using a spinner.

It just seams that if the ‘DAY’ step is selected, then the day should be the default.

I am running 2.2.5

This appears to be a bug in Java, where it is misinterpreting no-selection as if the month were selected, rather that using the pre-set step default.

I’ve entered it into our bug database to see if we can find a workaround.