Spinner has cached data - Possible to have it pull value only on vision window open?

I’m using a spinner for a date and time input, but the problem is it’s cached data on the date. So I’m having to go in every month or so and change the date in designer and save it so that people don’t have to cycle through so much to try and get to today’s date etc. I’m using it as a downtime logger, so they select a date and time, which is 100% of the time some previous time value of whatever today is. So for example a team leader is going to log downtime from 20 minutes ago, they select a start date and time in the spinner and put that they were down for however many minutes and then it gets logged into SQL with a start time and minutes down.

Is is possible to have the spinner not use cached data and pull now() only on open and then the team leaders can modify as appropriate?

Use an expression binding with now(0).

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I always know when Phil Turmel answers that I got the solution! Thank you my friend!

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