Spinner recursive error with binded tags


I have problems with spinner component:
I put some in a window, with value, minimum, maximum and step binded on indirect tags.
Each time I change the parameter of the indirection, I have this popup of error:
“Error in spinner configuration.”
“IllegalArgumentException: (minimum <= value <= maximum) is false”

I think it’s because of the order of binding, so I tried to set it with python: I set limits before the newValue.
It reduces the bug, but it still occures pretty often.

Note that the spinner after closing the error message is fully functionnal.

Any idea how I can escape this annoying error ?


You probably won’t be able to use binding for the min/max if your ranges are too different. You’ll have to use scripting to change the order of changes dynamically based on the difference between old range/value and new range/value. The constraint shown must remain true while each limit is changed – you must figure out (programmatically) what order to make the adjustments.

That will make a lot of if for sure ! I’ll try that if there nothing simpler, thanks !

I would perform five assignments in a script, something like this:

spinner.minValue = min(spinner.minValue, newMin)
spinner.maxValue = max(spinner.maxValue, newMax)
spinner.intValue = min(newMax, max(newMin, spinner.intValue))
spinner.minValue = newMin
spinner.maxValue = newMax

Oh yeah forgot about these usefull functions ! thanks a lot !

This is a known issue – we’re being a little too aggressive on when we evaluate your limits. It won’t help you right now, but we should have a fix in 7.9.9

The scripted method seems to do the job until 7.9.9 is coming !

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I am still getting this error on 7.9.10.

Yes, the fix got pushed back from 7.9.9 - it’s actually fixed in 7.9.11. The beta should be out fairly soon, so you can confirm.

@PGriffith thanks for the quick follow up, I’ll wait for 7.9.11.

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7.9.11 beta 1 installed. Still having issues with the spinners I had, Red outlines, occasionally error overlays. I replaced with new components, seems ok now.

Restarted my gateway and the red overlay errors are back.

@PGriffith is the issue corrected in 8.0?
What’s the status for 7.9.11?

Yes, the fix was copied into 8.0. 7.9.11 is supposed to be out in May, last I heard.

Still getting the error 7.9.10

A few posts up Paul mentions it’s fixed in 7.9.11, not 7.9.10.

Thanks, missed that post. Just upgraded and now getting a gateway error.