Spinner velocity and multi row table selection

I would like to request a mechanism that would allow for changing the increment value of spinners by pressed duration or simply an event for ‘mouse pressed’ or something that would allow me to change it myself with a timer binding.

I noticed that I can select multiple rows in a table… but my selected row is only one of them.
I was trying to set many and delete a bunch of them in one event script by which ones were highlighted.
Could we create a multiline dataset inside the table component?

The multi-select rows feature can be done by changing the “selection mode” property of a table to “multiple interval”. You can then put the following on a button:

table = event.source.parent.getComponent("Table") row_list = table.getSelectedRows() for rows in row_list: table.deleteRow(row_list[0])

The reason you use row_list[0] instead of rows is each time a row is deleted, the cells are shifted up. So if you want to delete 5 rows in a table starting at row 1, you will actually call deleteRow five times at the same location, since the dataset will be changing through each iteration of the for loop.