Splash Screen Stuck / Frozen Designer and Vision Client

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had any workarounds for this issue.
Running Ignition 8.1.7 I intermittently have a splash screen for eternity for either Vision or Desinger when launching my project.

Completely random, and only solution is to close and open again.
Not a biggie but it is annoying.

I have checked the vision and client log files and there is nothing there showing anything for the times when it occurs.

We have a pretty dodgy network so I can’t rule it out, but I was thinking maybe it is PC specific?

Are there any clean up procedures or something that may allow me to fix this (emptying of a temp folder or removal of a registry key or something?)

Has anyone else had this or is it just me?

It’s a heavy handed solution, but if you separately download a JDK (Java 11 or greater) you can use the jstack tool to collect a thread dump - that would tell us exactly what’s happening while you’re in this “hung” state. Support (support.inductiveautomation.com) would be able to help you with that process.

As for caches - yes, there’s a .ignition cache stored under the local user’s profile (by default), e.g. on Windows %LOCALUSER%/.ignition - you can delete the entire .ignition folder, or be more surgical in the inner directories; we’ll automatically download whatever’s missing when you next launch the client or designer. I doubt that’s necessarily going to fix anything, but you can certainly try it.

Thank you for the prompt response - I will see how I go!