Split() expression problem


The split() expression function does not work according to the documentation. I am trying to split the following string: "|FO PUMPE RETUR 14|X|INDE|FO2 STOR|Tæller 10" at each "|", but i get a dataset with a row for each character. Dataset [61R,1C].
I am using the following code:
split(tag({Root Container.Pumper.Text_2.TagPath}+'/'+{Root Container.Pumper.Text_2.Tag}+'.Documentation'),"|")

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Aske Rømer Lykke

split() uses a regular expression, and the pipe character is a special in regexes. You will need to escape it.

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A regEx that would work is "[|]"

  "valueSource": "memory",
  "dataType": "String",
  "name": "TestString",
  "value": "|FO PUMPE RETUR 14|X|INDE|FO2 STOR|Tæller 10",
  "tagType": "AtomicTag"
  "valueSource": "derived",
  "deriveExpressionGetter": "split({source},\"[|]\")",
  "dataType": "DataSet",
  "sourceTagPath": "[~]TestString",
  "name": "New Tag",
  "tagType": "AtomicTag"



Thx, that worked :slight_smile: