Split TCP Driver Field Count into array?

I’m using the TCP driver to work with some data that sends a set number of unique entries and then terminates with !!

So I set up my driver to use a character based message delimiter type of !! set the correct number of fields (3 in this case), and then specified that the field delimiter was \r\n. Everything looks good and I can see my data, but I was a little surprised that even after specifying the number of fields, the entire message is dumped to a single string instead of unique elements of the string array I set up.

It’s no problem for me to set up a tag change script to parse it out, but I was curious what’s the point of the field count? Don’t I still have to set the correct delimiter type? And if I am going off an entire packet or character/fixed sized termination, it seems like the field count only creates needless problems when you set it up wrong.

Don’t you also have Field0, Field1, and Field2 tags in addition to the Message and MessageBytes tags?

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Wow, I feel dumb now, I was only looking at the initial tag I had set up and not looking at the entire Tag browser. I knew there was something I was missing, thanks!