Splitting one dataset structure into several Table components, is it possible?


for better visualization of dataset in my Ignition interface I need to separate one dataset structure into several table components placed one after another. My dataset is large but the amount of information is very narrow so I would like to put it in several tables placed side by side. Additionally, it would be great if it would be possible to fit and sort them and interact these components with each other. Does anyone know a way to do this or is it at all possible?

I would like to split the example dataset as below. However, I would not like to split this dataset for visualization of my idea I simply split the dataset in the component.

I would like it to be something along the lines of the one above. Any ideas?

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Synchronised table views
Figure 1: Table and Table_0.

I did this by creating an expression binding on the Table_0 pager.activePage:
{../Table.props.pager.activePage} + 1

I restricted the table to 10 rows for this but that might be a problem with flexible layout. You'd need to try to allow paging on the second table to
change the first.
Oddly, disabling both pager.top and pager.bottom on the second table (to hide the pager buttons there) caused the paging to stop working completely on that table.


Clever trick.

I'd probably just hide the 'slave' tables pagers with css (not the grey footer, for consistency between tables).
Maybe leave the page number for clarity, though...