SQF executing all blocks more than once


I am developing Sequential Function Charts on Ignition 7.7.2 and am running across a strange problem.

I have a very simple chart that was used to verify a problem I encountered with 7.7.1 that only has one
Action block that initializes some chart variables, as well as logging entry and exit.

Side View:

B --> Define Globals --> Label --> If LoopEnabled --> Goto Label

This will never loop back to the Define Globals block, but according to the logs it is being executed twice. I also have LoopEnabled false, so it blocks on that transition anyways.

It’s not just happening on this simple chart, but also all my other charts. And in those charts all steps seem to be executing more than once. It’s like there are two copies of the chart running, even though the Chart Control window only shows 1.

I did an experiment where I defined a flag in the B step initialized to 0 and put a transition after the Define Globals where the flag was set to 1 and that didn’t make any difference.

I don’t recall this happening on 7.7.1, but I haven’t downgraded to verify that it is unique to 7.7.2.

I do know that this wasn’t happening to me when I was doing the bulk of the proof of concept phase for this project. Which was on 7.7.1.

I’m very confused why this would be happening.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Bill S.

Ok, I downloaded and installed 7.7.3 rc1 and the problem with regards to the initial startup blocks is working correctly now. I’m in the process of validating one of my more complicated charts now.

Thank you,
Bill S.

Seems to be working correctly on 7.7.3 rc1.