SQL Alchemy With Ignition

Does anyone have any experience installing and/or using SQL Alchemy with Ignition (Vision or Perspective)?

Can anyone provide any pointers to get it installed and setup for use?

Much appreciation in advance.

Buried in the compatibility, it looks like SQLAlchemy doesn’t support Jython in general:
Beyond that, you’re also highly likely to have problems with Ignition’s shared DB connection model - ORMs likely want to manage their own connection pooling, so even if you got the library working you’ll need to write some kind of bridge code between what SQLAlchemy expects and Ignition’s database connections - or else, end up duplicating connection pools, so that Ignition (the gateway) and Ignition (your SQL Alchemy connection(s)) are separately connecting to your database.

Thanks so much for the reply Paul. I was reading where it looked like it may have been compatible with Jython, but i’ll yield to the experts advice on this one.

It would be great if Ignition offered some type of data modeling tool that could be used within scripting. Maybe a feature in the future?