SQL Anywhere16 database

I’m trying to communicate with a SQL Anywhere 16 db that is used by a third party CMMS program. Based on a post I found I’m using Connect URL jdbc:sybase:Tds:192.168.xx.xx:2638/[server name] and an additional connection string of DatabaseName = [dbName]
I made the driver using Classname: com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDriver and the jconn4.jar file. I have gotten as far as getting a connection error stating JZ0SJ: Metadata accessor information was not found on this database. Please install the required tables as mentioned in the jConnect documentation.
After researching this, I have gotten help from the third party software creator and he has run the recommend commands that should install the metadata even though it should have already been there. The error is still there.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?