SQL Azure

I started playing around with Microsoft’s SQL Azure today and was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to try this with FSQL. They haven’t released price information to my knowledge, but if the service is reliable it could be a great option for a redundant database.

If I am successful connecting to SQL Azure I will post back here with my feedback.

Interesting - that’s the first I’ve heard of it. The syntax should be identical to SQL Server. I’m curious to hear how it goes, including any stumbling blocks that we may be able to help you through.

Are you using the development environment?

Azure web page on MS

I’m still using my old setup, had a hardware issue on the new server that should be fixed this week.

As far as the Azure, I have been a beta tester for over 9 months and haven’t found a good fit as an integrator until now since the release to Beta of the SQL services. Other than connection issues everything seems to be going well. I have been looking for a better option for a hosted SQL server that allows remote connections. I hope this turns out to be what I have been waiting for. Again MS hasn’t mentioned anything about price yet, but that is the least of my concerns at this point.

OK, MS had the service down today as they were moving everything over to production servers in preparation for the PDC in November. After the 3-4 hour move I got my email letting me know that the service was back up. Here is my limited experience so far.

  1. You have to set up the firewall on the Azure side to allow access from your local IP address for remote connection. This was easily done from the SQL Azure front end. If you are working from a dynamic address like I am at the office I suggest using something like DynDNS so that your connection isn’t broken the next time your IP lease runs out.

  2. Connection from FSQL to SQL Azure was a breeze! I have my testing project set up with redundant SQL servers both local and in the cloud. It was easier than setting up the local server which was shocking to me!

  3. Performance seems great with my limited testing. Granted I’m part of a small group of new lightly loaded remote servers, but right now I can’t tell the difference from the local or remote server speed.

There are obvious questions that will need to be answered like:

1)What are the limitations on database size? - Right now you have two choices 1GB and 10GB per database. I’m not sure what the limit on db/server account will be. I have one server and four test dbs right now…When this goes public durring the PDC they will probably explain the size/ cost structure.
2)How will data archiving be handled in the cloud? - This one I haven’t the foggiest idea, but I’m sure it will come up.

Obviously I have allot of testing to do here, and need to verify some other configurations, but I am cautiously optimistic about the possibilities this might bring.

Chris - sounds fantastic! The initial setup was my greatest concern. Cloud/service based computing offers huge economy of scale benefits in terms of: backups/archiving, scaling computing power, and so on. It should be far easier and more affordable than owning your own equipment - particularly for a redundant setup.

Sounds like it may be a cool option in the not too distant future :thumb_left:!

BTW, have you considered being a beta tester for us? We’re accepting invitations when the program opens up - probably later this month.