SQL Bridge (Activated) stopping when trial time expires

I’ve just installed Ignition 7.6.6 with a licensed/activated SQL bridge.
I’ve also installed the Alarm & reporting modules for evaluation (trial license).
However, when the trial time expires, SQL bridge stops logging data.

How do I correct this?

Do you have the SQL Bridge standard or limited?

If you are using the standard then you will be able to make full use of the SQLTags Historian, the limited does not.

I’m using the Standard SQL Bridge module.

I’m creating the tags in Ignition designer.

I just noticed that if I use SQL as the provider, the tags log regardless of the trial expiry.
If I use the default provider (internal, I assume), the tags stop when the trial expire.

Should I only use an external provider with the SQL Bridge module?


You should be able to use the internal provider with the SQL Bridge Standard. I would suggest either calling or emailing tech support so we can resolve this faster. If you email us, please send us your CD Key so we can look at its state in our system. Also, please include the versions of Ignition and the SQL Bridge module. If you call in we can discuss that over the phone.

Sorry for delay in responding.l

The problem was the OpcCom module running on a trial license.
Purchased a license and everything OK now.

Note that this module is not listed on the pricelists.

Thanks for the help,