SQL bridge limited and trending

Is the SQL bridge “limited” module enough to log a few tags such as temperatures and pressures to Microsoft SQL and then trend them or do I need the SQL bridge standard module?

The biggest limitation of the ‘limited’ version is you only get the Historical group type.
Which sounds basically perfect for what you want to do.

I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
I created a database connection to a Microsoft SQL server. That’s all working fine. Then I just selected the tags I wanted to log and clicked on the “tag history”. I then pointed it to the connection I made and selected default historical scanclass.
I created a trend and it all works fine for two hours until the trial license runs out. If I reset it, it all works again for another two hours.
The trial license is only affecting the mobile module as far as I can see. All other modules have a proper license. SQL bridge is also licensed (limited).
Is this normal? I thought that with a “works limited” license I should be able to do this. .???



The “tag history” is part of SQL Bridge full, the limited is just the historical group, which means you could log history to your own table structures, and create charts from sql queries, but you’ll need to configure the groups yourself.