SQL Bridge Lite?

I am trying to build a simple Hub and Spoke system.

The main system is “H”

What I am trying to do is read power meters and create a transaction group that will write to a database a record that will look like this.

“MeterName”, MW,MVAR,EngeryIn,EnergyOut,MVarsIn, MvarsOut, Volt-a, Volt,-b Volt-c, Amps-a, Amps-b, Amps-c

Site A sql bridge would read a meter and write these records every 5 minutes.
Site B same
Site C same

Two question will SQL Lite Allow me to do this. And will it store and forward to allow for com failures.

Yes, the SQL Bridge limited will allow you to do this. The SQL Bridge limited just has the “Historical Group” which allows you to insert a new row in some database table. All groups use the store and forward system.