SQL Bridge Module - Full or limited?

I’m looking to collect data and store it in a SQL database. From what I understand the SQL Bridge Module would be perfect for this. However, do I need the full module or can I manage with just the limited edition? Also, will upgrading from the limited edition to the full one at a later date introduce any problems?

The SQL Bridge limited only allows the use of the historical group. You don’t get SQLTags history with that version. With the historical group you can log data to any SQL database easily. If you want to upgrade to the full one later it will not cause any issues. The ugprade is a simple license swap.

When you say ‘historical group’ do you mean I’d be able to save tag data to tables, creating new records either on a time interval or a trigger? I already have Ignition installed as demo. How can I simulate just the features included with the limited SQL Bridge Module?

Yes, the historical group will do exactly what you described- it maps values to columns in tables, and then inserts rows. It runs on a timer, and can use trigger conditions.

It’s really very simple to mock up, when you launch the designer, you’ll see that there are 4 types of transaction groups you can make. Only use the “historical group” and see if you can accomplish what you want.


I see how the historical group works. Is the standard group available as well with the limited edition?

No, as Travis mentioned, being limited to just historical group is, in fact, the very definition of “limited edition”.

What are you looking to use from the standard group? Basically, that group offers the ability to do what the historical group does, and also adds the ability to update a specific row, and write from the database to OPC items. If you’re only trying to do historical stuff, that probably won’t be necessary.