SQL Bridge Module, Items Lists & Displaying Write Targets

When working with a Stored Procedure group, I’d like to see the ability to view the assigned parameters used for Write target and Write back within the list of items.

For example, I’ve added an OPC Item with a name of MyTag to the Basic OPC/Group Items list. I’ve gone into the item’s General Properties and defined the Write target with a Target type of Input Parameter and a Target name of @MyInputParamter. I’ve defined the Write back with a Bind to value of Output parameter and a Paramter Name of @MyOutputParamter.

Within the Basic OPC/Group Items list, I’d like to see @MyInputParameter and @MyOutputParameter displayed alongside MyTag. In doing so, I would know the input and output parameter mappings at a quick glance, something quite useful when you have a large amount of parameters.

EDIT: Correction, I can see the input parameter within the Target Name column … still would be useful to see the output parameter as well …

I agree. Shouldn’t be to hard, don’t know if it’ll make it into the next release, but we’ll see.

This didn’t make it into 7.0.3, but will be in the next (7.0.4) release.


Ah, great! I look forward to this … it’ll be a huge help on the project I’m working on currently.

Thanks for listening!

This is now available.