SQL Code Help

I’m trying to show the results of a query in a table using information from different tables.
Table A columns: id, state
Table B columns: id, batch_id, state

Table A Records:
1 - Batch Ready
2 - Batch Completed
3 - Bad Batch

When a batch is created a new record is placed into table C, under the state column we are putting the id number that matches the current state (encase the description changes).

Then we show table C and do some filtering based on the states and other things, the only problem is that nobody can remember what the state numbers mean.

Is there a way to pull the state description from table A and replace the id value with the states description text? and show that to the operator

So basically you just want to join on the status field?

FROM Batches
INNER JOIN States ON Batches.state = States.id;

Check out SQL Zoo. What you’re asking for is very possible and JOINs aren’t as hard as they may look. You could even use a GUI query builder and copy/paste the query into Ignition.

Based on your description, I think your query would look something like this:

SELECT C.*, B.state FROM B, C WHERE c.id = b.id

or (like Greg suggested with the JOIN ON syntax).

You might also want to use table_name.columname AS your_desired_alias immediately after the SELECT.

Thanks guys, I’m pretty green when it comes to SQL and I usually find what I need on the web and I thought the INNER JOIN was what I needed but couldn’t get it to work. But It works now thanks for the help.