SQL connection for ARM ignition package in Raspberry Pi 3


I’m a little confuse regards ARM ignition package for Raspberry Pi 3.
Does this package include both ignition pro and ignition edge?
I have a project with 35 tags and need to log data for 1 year and simple HMI on mobile phone displaying dat on trend and table. I should run these module on Rasberry Pi 3: mobile , historian, vision limited version module
Is this configuration possible with ARM ignition package on Rasberry Pi 3?


In the ARM section of the downloads page there are 2 zip files, 1 is for Ignition and the other is for Ignition Edge. Download the applicable zip file and follow these instructions.

I would not run the mobile module on a Raspberry Pi since each mobile client is allocated resources on the gateway and I believe the Pi 3 only has 1 GB of RAM. Mobile is better suited for a device with more memory.

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Do you have any info about perspective module for ARM?