SQL connectivity issue

Hello Team,

              I am facing SQL connectivity issue while trying to connect sql server with igntion. Here is the attached error I am getting while trying to connect. I am using sql auth for connection with sa login.


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Then post the error log as code using the </> code formatting button so we can read the cropped off text.

Login failed for user 'sa'

Ensure you have the correct password in the database connection properties, and that SQL server has allowed Ignition the privileges to connect

Agreed with this–if you’re getting to the point of receiving “Login failed”, it means you’re able to establish a socket connection to SQL Server, so connectivity is probably okay. Time to re[set] that password in the DB connection properties per @Matrix_Engineering guidance.

Also, I would highly recommend not using the sa user login for Ignition. Create a new, dedicated user for Ignition use.


That was exactly what was going through the back of my head as I read this. Using the sa username/password for outside database access is probably not the best practice.

Creating separate ignition login credentials for the database and using them instead would be the best approach to fixing this problem.