SQL Database and Tags

I am working with a SQL database on Wampserver, and i am trying to save there some tags from the designer.
I have approximately 10000 tags, could you tell me which is the best way to do it ?
Tag History seems to not classify the tags, and Transaction Groups can’t handle big sets of data.
thank you

What do you mean by this?

when i import different tags at the same time they are stored all mixed together in the same table
i would like Ignition to create for me different tables, one for each tag or for selected tags

That’s what transaction groups are.

yes this is what i have understood
but aren’t they limited to a low number of tags ? I tried with an increasing number of tags and around 40 tags the group won’t start running

That’s news to me. I have applications with a couple hundred columns–I don’t think there’s an arbitrary limit. Possibly just what your DB supports.

It’s possible you have other issues, which would show up in your gateway logs. Like using the same column name twice in the same group.


Ok thank you very much ! The issue was indeed on the Target Name of the tags in the database, I was using the same name twice.