SQL Database name auto regenerated

I have set the table name regeneration on every 1 year. But I am experiencing that the ignition has autogenerated new table name rather than using the current one. I am in need of the help for the reason of this issue. If anyone can help me with this please revert me back.

What is the context of this?

Are you talking about Tag History, or a self made table?

Ignition injects a unique suffix to prevent data from multiple sources mixing (different servers pointing at the same DB). You must have changed something to make the tag historian think the previous data no longer belonged to itself. What did you change?

I am talking about new table getting generated in sql database automatically. Though I have set to create a new table every year.

I think you would need to give a lot more detail before anyone could help you.

  • What are the names of the tables?
  • When did you expect the next year’s table to be created?
  • When did it actually get created?
  • What settings have you changed?