SQL Drivers for Ignition 8.0 beta

Am I just missing something in installation? I cannot seem to connect at all to my SQL server, and the drivers that are needed, at least from walkthroughs that I’ve found, aren’t available with ignition 8?

JDBC drivers are in a bit of flux right now. Some are coming back, others will need to be installed but there will be a guided process.

Due to licensing requirements and distribution concerns, we are not able to distribute drivers for many SQL databases. Documentation in this regard can be found here.

If this is a clean installation, then yes - you’ll need to download whatever driver you would need to connect to a database which is already in place. If this is an upgrade, then your driver should already be in place, and this would indeed be something we should be concerned about.

I’m trying to install on locally, and not on our current server that already has running ignition gateway on it. Would it be advisable to install on existing server with active gateway and just designate a different port? Or no

I’m a fan of separate machines, but the different port route should be a valid option. You just need to ask yourself if installing the necessary JDBC driver(s) is more of a headache than maintaining and remembering which Gateway is using which ports.