SQL Express Database Question

I’m not the strongest DB guy, especially in SQL, but figured I might be able to get some help here.

I’ve got an SQL Express instance running side by side with Ignition on a development computer. Once we have a few transactions executing around the same time, the database ends up having processes get suspended in waiting for another task. These tasks seem to range from stored procs, to named queries, all of which are fairly simple.

Any ideas of where I should start to look to resolve this issue?

What is the CPU and memory usage of the process? Are you up against the 1 GB RAM limit?

I think we may have figured it out. We were pretty low on CPU and memory usage.

I think the issue was related to some Transactions called in our Stored procedure causing some havoc. So far today, things have been smooth, so hopefully after a bit more testing we can confirm the issue is resolved.

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