SQL EXPRESS Database(s) move to new server?

There has to be a clear path to do this?
I am moving a Gateway from an active Windows 10 computer to a larger Windows 10 server.
Gateway and projects moved perfectly.
SQL EXPRESS is Version 14 on the source and 16 on the destination.
Database(s) were recreated on new box.
I tried doing this using the "Task-BackUp" but when I try to restore I get a " BackUp Media Set Incomplete Files C:\ "File path" Family Count 2 Missing. Family Sequence Number 1"

Something is missing here..
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated !

This isn't really an Ignition issue, but a simple restore should be easy enough from within SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). Assuming you have a new/empty database on the new server, and you've placed your .bak file (the full backup you took from the old one), you should be able to restore like the example below:

simple ssms restore from bak

There are a lot of ways to get this done (that can greatly depend on your environment as well), but the above is the easiest method. You may also need the "Close Existing Connections" checkbox selected to forcibly close anything else you might have open against that new/empty DB. Only other thing to consider is that you may need to place the .bak file in a location accessible to the MSSQL service account (so it can read it), such as under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\Backup in my example.

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Thanks for the reply.

It appears my issue is with the "Backup".
Do you have to take the source database "offline" before executing the "full" backup?
The error code seems to state that files are missing..

I know that this is not specifically an "ignition" issue but it being used in the Gateway and I don't see any guidance for EXPRESS online.

Any Help is GREATLY appreciated..

I've encountered similar errors with full SQL Server when the backup was incremental and the baseline backup file was missing. Make sure your original backup is a full backup.

Phil's guidance is key here. When taking the backup from the source, you shouldn't have to take anything offline. Make sure that you specify a new file for the destination, like below:


Okay. I will make new backups and see.


Issue was caused by not clearing the "file" paths when pointing to a specific location for the back up. It actually will "stripe" the backup to all "file" paths listed..
Just had to clear all and point to only one destination.

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