Sql, limited permissions, PLS help

Hello, im using transaction groups to update sql table, everything looks ok,No errors, but in the gateway, the data goes in quarintine, can´t reach de SQLserver. it sends me this mssg .

‘’> java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Invalid object name ‘Small_ICF_Funccion’’.

So I understand im having problems with my access to the DB. anyplace i refresh the db and table it looks ok,the pointer to the DB and table looks ok
So the only way i can update in the DB is writing directly in named queries
[ICF_DB].[DANFOSS\A136103].[Large_ICF_Funccion] the ICF_DB its ok the table large icf funccion is ok but the parameter in the middle is the problem where do i set it in transacction groups?
Any ideas about how to fix it?
This is the config, of my DB, which is SQLSERVER, and it appears to be ok.

But i get this error at transaction groups

… The only way to select or update data is writing in this way, the path of the DB
… SO I think maybe the path parameter [DANFOSS\A136103] is declared wrong , am i missing something,?
I am new using Ignition. maybe i miss this.

There are wizards lurking on this forum, but even they cannot read minds. Give some more detailed info like db flavor, is it on the same machine as the gateway, what type of transaction group, how your groups are configured, and maybe show some code if you can.


Thank 4 reply, i added more info and pics, please check it

im not using any phyton code just the transaction groups.
writing this way the code runs,

The DB,Gateway,OPC, is in the factory , im Using VPN, to connect to the gateway.

Small_ICF_Funccion is mixed case. You used square brackets around it in the query browser where it is shown to work. Consider adding brackets to the query where it currently doesn’t work. Also consider reviewing the rules for identifier quoting for your brand of database.

, Well then i cannot use the transacction groups?, i think is about the rules of the database, in other proyects they are using transacction groups but in this case i,m fighting with this.

I think i will use some tag to do the update query.

Thanks sir i actually can run querys using tags. this is the solution i could find in this particular case.