SQL Lite Archive Historian

Hi, I have tried to use a SQLite DB for my application. I have the problem with a Historian Tag on version 8.0.16 version on Windows 10 enterprise 64 bit.
My tag is stored even 30s. If I open the DB I view a correct data . But in table and chart no. There is a problem with SQLite?

If I open the sqlt_data_1_2020_10 create automaticcally from Hystorian from Database browser the value of t_stamp is negative. This is the error that does not possible view the chart?

I attach the screenshot.


Something strange going on:

>>> print system.date.fromMillis(-519269173L)
Thu Dec 25 18:45:30 EST 1969

If you look at the settings for the SQLite JDBC Driver (Gateway > Config > Databases > Drivers > edit “SQLite”, is the Driver Type set to something other than SQLITE?

For transparency, we found an issue where the Driver Type was incorrectly set to GENERIC. New installations shouldn’t run into this anymore, but it seems possible to upgrade into this state (as you found). If this is the case, then switching the Driver Type to SQLITE and saving should take care of the issue.

No, i have the settings in generic. I try. Thank,s

Ok, to view a graph. But now I have noticed this message. What does this mean ?

But I have view only now this.