SQL number format


At a client we have a small problem with parameters. Parameters are set into SQL but say for example we want 7000liters you can press enter and it will become “7.000” in SQL and parameter is saved.

Now at a client we have one laptop where you enter “7000” it changes to “7.000” but when you reopen the parameters it says “7”. I tried playing with regional settings but didn’t get any succes at the moment.

Is there another way or should it be fixed by changing regional settings and I just missed something?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure it’s SQL related?

There have been issues with number localisation for multiple Ignition versions. They’ve tried to fix some, but depending on your version and language settings, you may see different results.

Can you tell us what version you’re using (ignition version, java, …) and if it also happens when you store the info in a tag.