Sql parameter x was not defined for stored procedure y

I am running version 7.9.13 of Ignition. I have a MSSQL connection established to a Microsoft SQL DB. I have a Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver with jar file of sqljdbc4.jar. This computer is currently installed with java version 8 update 321 (build _1.8.0_321-b07).
With this java version I did have to enable the TSL1.0 protocols in order to get the database connection to work.
The project I am working on is a duplicate of a previous one where all of the transaction groups worked with this same database. The previous project is running on a computer with an earlier version of java.
Anyways when Ignition tries to execute transaction groups to send data to the database I am now getting an error in the log files that the transaction group has a message of ‘Error forwarding data’. If I expand it is giving me an error message of 'com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Parameter x was not defined for stored procedure dbo.y.
Why is this same group working fine with the same db but this new one is not and I am getting this error? Could it be an issue with the wrong version of the JDBC driver?

Turned out it had to do with permissions on the DB side.

I am able to execute stored procedure from DB but not from my spring boot application.
“com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Parameter out was not defined for stored procedure”
Could you please let me know what permissions are required on the DB side?

What is this?

Sounds like a question meant for Stack Overflow.

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