Sql queries containing temp tables or table variables

I’m experimenting problems when executing SQL queries containing either temp tables or variable tables, this queries run perfectly on the SQL server, however in Ignition I get this message:

Exception: Error running query:

CREATE TABLE #kk(t_stamp datetime, EA_FUERZA_P5 bigint,Incremento bigint)
INSERT INTO #kk SELECT t_stamp,EA_FUERZA_P5,Incremento=
FROM Consumos

SELECT DATEPART(Hour,t_stamp),SUM(Incremento)
FROM #kk
WHERE DAY(t_stamp)=DAY(‘2013-4-9’)

DROP TABLE #kk, database=TORRELAGUNA_HIST)@5000ms
On: Main Window.Root Container.Table 1.data
caused by GatewayException: La instrucción no devolvió un conjunto de resultados.
caused by SQLServerException: La instrucción no devolvió un conjunto de resultados.

Ignition v7.5.6 (b1317)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_17

I need to clarify as soon as possible if these tables are supported in Ignition, since they’re vital for our development.

They are supported. There is a difference of running that query in Ignition versus the database. You should try to make a stored procedure for that function. You might be able to put:SET NOCOUNT ONat the top of your query.