SQL Query on a Text Field works on Designer but not when Project is Launched

Hi, I’m working on an HMI project that requires operators to scan their badge using an RFID Badge Reader before they can use the HMI Panel. The RFID Badge Reader will record the badge ID number in the left text field shown below. The right text field is bound to a SQL Query that takes the badge ID number & reads in the person’s name.

It works great in designer, but when I launch the project on the HMI or even on my computer, the right text field always has an error & won’t update the person’s name in the text field unless the project is saved & restarted (shown below).

If anyone has any ideas why this might be happening, I’m all ears! Been banging my head against the wall & can’t seem to figure out why it’s doing this.

The SQL Query binding requires that the Vision Permission setting for “Legacy Database Access” is enabled and is either empty or limited to specific client roles. Is this enabled for you in the project properties?

Oh wow… I knew it was something right under my nose. Thank you!

Or better, convert to named queries. They exist to close the security hole that is legacy access.