SQL query tag - tag path malformed

I have created a query tag called "P001_settings" inside a folder called "Processes". It is connected to a MySQL data table with the query "SELECT * from test.P001_settings" (which is working as expected).

I am trying to bind the value of a text field in the designer to one of the values in the tag. In particular, I want to select the value at column 0, row 0. Column 0 is called 'property'. If I use Ignition's browsing interface to bind to that value, it generates the tag path "Processes/P001_settings[property][0, 0]". When I click OK I get the following error indicating that the tag path is malformed. Is this tag path incorrect, and what is the correct tag path format to select values from a query tag?

I'm using:
Ignition v7.8.2 (b2016030813)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_91


You should try and use the lookup expression. It is very useful in retrieving particular row,column values from both dataset tags and query tags.