SQL Read timed out errors after upgrade from 7.9 to 8.1

We have several instances of Ignition 7.9.7 that use transaction groups to write a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database with PLC data read from the Ignition OPC UA Server. We recently upgraded one of these instances from version 7.9.7 to 8.1.7 using the installer. I was able to restore the SQL connection by enabling TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 in the java.security file. After the upgrade, the transaction groups work, but the log is full of errors with message “Error forwarding data” that are caused by “Read timed out”. These errors are always paired with another error with message “Error rolling back transaction” that say “The connection is closed”. These errors are being logged several hundred times per day. The driver we are using is the Microsoft SQLServer JDBC Driver 4.0. All of the Ignition 7.9.7 instances are running the same transaction groups, but none of them are throwing these errors. Has anyone else experienced this or know of any configuration parameters that may need to be changed to correct this?
I also see occurrences of “ClockDriftDetector” warnings each day on the 8.1.7 version which don’t occur with 7.9.7. I have verified that the upgraded Ignition Garbage Collectors in the performance screen are “G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation”.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Here are the logs.

I was able to resolve the errors by updating the JDBC driver to one bundled with Ignition 8.1.7.

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