SQL - Select rows when a field contains certain characters

What would be the SQL statement to select particular rows if one of the fields contains particular characters?

Example: Table with the fields studentID and StudentGrade

Table looks like:
34 Freshman
22 Frosh
12 Soph
99 Senior
67 Frashman

I want all rows that contain “Fr” in the StudentGrade Field.

That’s a great question for the databases forum, but I have no problem answering it here. The LIKE keyword is used to filter data based on matching a column’s value to a pattern. You can get really complex with regular expressions, but it’s easy to use in simple cases.

For example:

SELECT * FROM Table WHERE StudentGrade LIKE '%Fr%'

Which database are you using?
Like is described here
MySQL Docs for more on LIKE using MySQL 5.0.