SQL Server 2012?

Has anybody tried SQL Server 2012 yet? Any problems or gotchas?

I’ve connected to it, and set up a demo project; seemed to work fine. I haven’t done anything other than using simple db functionality though.

I confirm. Running actually a SQL2012 Express Advanced with no problem. But still 1.3 gb to dl and install…

I’m running SQL2012. We cannot seem to save records to a table that has a trigger. Trigger off, no issues.
This trigger fires an stored procedure that writes a simple .csv file to a server location. From there, another program see the file and produces a label for bar code.

Anyone help on this would be greatly appreciated. We are working on a “Plan B” right now.

Does the stored procedure run?

Sorry, been real busy lately…

the trigger fires, but does not run the stored procedure. We think it is the stored procedure. It used to work in SQL2005.

With the help of the IA guys, we created a script to do the same thing. I don’t know if it is better running from Ignition or off the SQL server, but this way, maintenance can look at the HMI screen and troubleshoot if necessary. Otherwise, they would have to call me.

Usability and maintainability trump efficiency every time. :thumb_right: