Sql server database connection

I am not a sql server administrator but am owner of several databases. Normally if I need a new database I ask my organization's DBA to create a blank database and make me the owner of that database so I can create tables, query etc. The DBA adds my windows credentials in the sql server for that database. In Ignition add database connection I see you have to enter username and password. When I enter my windows credentials it gives me error "Login failed for user XXXX\XXXX". Also I dont think the sql server administrator will share the admin password as several other critical databases reside on that same database server. So wanted to know what are the suggestions to make connection to the database on a company server that is managed by an enterprise DBA? Thank you

If the Ignition gateway is on a Windows box in the domain, and the user account running the gateway (as a service) has DB credentials, then you can alter the JDBC driver for Ignition to auto-authenticate.

If you cannot do that, or do not want to (I usually do not), you should ask your DBA to create a SQL Server user for Ignition and make that user the owner of the databases for Ignition. With a non-domain SQL Server user, the username/password fields in the Ignition configuration will work.

Thank you pturmel. For the first option how do you set the JDBC driver to auto authenticate? Could you please direct me to any resource or literature?