SQL Server DateTime column showing 34 minute offset depending on what computer it's viewed on

So I have a SQL Server database where one table includes two columns, ‘StartTime’ and ‘EndTime’ which are both ‘DateTime’ type columns. I fully tested it, and wherever I viewed the query, everything looked fine.

…that is, until I went to site.

We pulled up the Perspective view with the table that displays the values, and noticed that the client’s computer was showing times that consistently had a 34 minute offset compared to what it should be. Unless I’m missing something, this totally blows my mind trying to figure out what’s going on.

We tried both computers (his and mine) with both Chrome and Edge, with no different results at all.

When I view the entries in SSMS or the Designer’s query browser, it shows 1900-01-01 07:00:00 and 1900-01-01 18:30:00 respectively (we’re only using the time value, not the date). It gets formatted in the Perspective table using the column format parameter as HH:mm and shows 07:00 and 18:30. When I view it on the client’s computer (correction: TWO computers), it shows 06:26 and 17:56 respectively. I could totally understand a timezone correction (which I’ve checked), … but 34 minutes?? Seriously??

Anyone have any ideas where to look?

have you checked it with date? because sql uses timestamp and ive noticed if there is sometimes something weird with converting floats/numbers and the decimal seperator (, or .).A date pulled from sql is seens as timestamp.
1900-01-01 06:24 => -2208965760.0
-22089656400 => 1/2/1270, 4:37:30 PM
(notice the dot) This can cause weird hour shifts, combine it with the regional hours and yeah…

Check if the date is also affected, if its not than i have no idea

Is the system clock actually correct (on the machine running the session, on the gateway, on the database server)?

Yes, I’ve checked all the clocks (session machine, gateway, db server) and all are within seconds, and in the same timezone.

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@victordcq, thanks for the idea. I’ll give your suggestion a try. It’ll be a few days now before I can find out what the results are.