SQL Server Express 2005 - FSQL Native Driver

FactorySQL will work fine with a DSN (ODBC) connection to an SQL Server Express edition. The following applies if you want to use a native FactorySQL (.NET) driver. It’s using some sort of named connection instead of TCP/IP - you could probably connect to a full version SQL Server this way too if you set up the database server to accept connections.

  1. Back up then edit the following file - FactorySQL\database\SQLServer.xml
  2. Change the top code block to the second
<ConnectionString>Data Source={server},{port};Database={database};User ID={username};Password={password};</ConnectionString>

<ConnectionString>Data Data Source={server},Database={database}</ConnectionString> 3. On the FactorySQL connection set the host to be Hostname\SQLEXPRESS. Under Extra Connection Parameters use Integrated Security=true;.Database will be used. Port, User Name, and Password will be ignored (since we took them out of the XML definition file).

The connection will use the currently logged on Windows user for credentials.