SQL Server - Telling Ignition to use a different schema besides [dbo] for Historical Data?

I am not seeing any option to tell Ignition to use anything besdies the default schema for the database its connected to. Is there any way to point it to use any other schema besides dbo?

No. You could just make an additional DB connection in Ignition (to the same actual database server) with the different schema specified.

Where do you set the schema?

Under extra connection props, I only find an option for database name:

MSSQL calls what every other DB calls “schemas”, “databases”, from what I understand.

Are you sure? That is the name of our database, not schema


One thing that I’ll provide here is that Ignition will use whatever the Default Schema is configured for the defined user. See the example below where I modified the ignition user I’m using to connect Ignition to my MSSQL DB to use a schema foo (instead of the default dbo):

I’m not sure offhand of what might be able to be done to specify a schema for MSSQL over the JDBC connection properties… I figured I’d mention the above though if that might be a good solution for you…

EDIT: it appears that this might actually be the way to go; doesn’t seem like you can specify the schema via the JDBC connection properties.

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This is exactly what I’ve been doing; creating an ignition login that owns and defaults to the ignition schema. As well as being part of the dbo group so it’s able to create tables unrestricted.