SQL store one tag, transaction log?

I have several tags in my Ignition , I need to store them in SQL but not many tags at the same time in the same transaction, I need to store in SQL one tag at the time (same table), is the recommended way also use transaction groups just to store one tag at the time? or is there another better way?

One tag per row, with independent timestamps, is what the standard Tag Historian module does. Just “Enable History” on the tag and set the recording criteria.

Multiple tags or values per row, with a common timestamp, is what transaction groups in the SQL Bridge module do.

Either approach can be implemented with customizations in scripting. Each approach has pros and cons.

What are you trying to do?

As in the image
the idea was to store one tag by row, this is what I am doing now and it is working but of course I have several Std Transaction groups, each with only one tag, this is where my question arise “is this the right way…?”


No, that is not the right way. Use the historian.

Is the TAG HISTORIAN an additional module? I don’t see it under my Modules list…

Yes. Most users buy it. All of the standard packages from IA include it.

thank you Sr.

I found additional information related to this topic if this is helpful for someone.
Click the Title of the next topic. It has a very detailed comparison of cons/pros

Some additional material if you are interested:


In case it isn’t obvious: the Tag Historian => “Tall”, and SQL Bridge transaction groups => “Wide”.

Thank you Sr.