Sql tag browser

I’m not sure if it was related to the update from 7.51 to 7.52 but My tags couldn’t be read from my PLC the other day. I had to reset my A-B driver and OPC driver.
This is the second time I’ve seen this.

What do you mean your tags couldn’t be read from the PLC? Did they have bad quality or did they not even show up in the OPC browser?

This was the problem.
The tags are in the browser but the quality isn’t there.


So the tags are showing up as folders like in that other post or are they just showing up with bad quality? I’ll need a bit more information if I’m going to try and reproduce this here. Info on the PLC (type, processor, firmware version) and how you got this to happen would be a big help.

Its a AB compactLogix
Version 1.1.1 (b1)

After modifying a rung in my PLC program, the driver crashed causing the tags in my OPC browser to display folders instead of tags and my SQL tag browser to have corrupted tags in the UDTs.
This was also less than an hour after upgrading from 7.5.1 to 7.5.2.

Usually the AB CompactLogix firmware versions are at least in the 16.x to 20.x range.

Other posts that refer to tags showing up as folders were related to an issue where an inconsistent undocumented error was being returned by the ControlLogix processor. When the same request was send a second time it succeed. This issue has been fixed in the version of Ignition you are running to retry when this occurs.

When tags show as folders there is a bigger problem and the manifestation are the folders.

That being said, you mentioned this has happened two times. Were both times after upgrading?

I have seen this before after upgrading earlier version of Ignition to a current version. I haven’t seen it happening between 7.5.1 and 7.5.2, but maybe there is still an issue with upgrading. If you can let me know the model number and firmware version of your CompactLogix processor, I’ll try to reproduce it here by upgrading Ignition.

19.011 firmware version of the processor.

Model 1769 L32E?

That version number makes more sense.

You mentioned this has happened two times. Were both times after upgrading?