SQL Tag Not Resolving (Floor a Date)

I am creating SQL Tags that calculate the beginning of the month, week, day, and year. The tags for the month, day and year are resolving correctly but the tag for the week is giving an error.

[attachment=3]0001 - Flooring.png[/attachment]

The code is the same just changed for each part of the date. The only thing I noticed that is different is that WEEK is not showing as a datepart (color is black) in the query.

[attachment=2]0001 - Flooring Month.png[/attachment]
[attachment=1]0001 - Flooring Week.png[/attachment]

I have verified that the code for the week runs in SQL but cannot figure out why it will not resolve in Ignition.

[attachment=0]0001 - Flooring SQL.png[/attachment]

I am running Ignition version 7.7.4 (b2015033012)