SQL Tags Alert Description dynamic function

It would be helpful if the state name of an sql tag could display dynamic values from other sources such as other sql tags, database tags, etc. For example I have an alarm that gives “some” text description that I also would like to see a capture value from speed, temp, etc.

You can combine/concatenate SQLTag values in FactoryPMI. That’s what the “Expression/SQL” section is for.

To address that custom alerting message:
You can accomplish that in FactorySQL. With an OPC/Action item in a group, enable alerting. Choose “Custom Message”, type your message, and right click (or cntl+space) to “add item reference”, this can insert the value of any items from your group.

The next trick is getting a SQLTag value in your group. You could always drag the OPC item in directly. Alternatively, you could have an Action Item that queries the database (this is nasty).

It’s not 100% straightforward because the alert condition is based on a SQLTag value, but the message is another SQLTag (or equivalently, a SQLTag expression). I entered this as a feature request. Feel free to add/reply to it.

The state_name in FSQL is dynamic, but your limited to the group your in. I FPMI the state name has no options for dynamic properties. We use the FPMI tags alerting more often than the FSQL feature. Would be nice to put “anything” in the alarm description.

Agreed. I emphasized the FSQL solution because this post is in the “FactorySQL Feature Request” forum. I did put in that feature request for you here. Feel free to reply to my post to add in your $.02.


I will like to have that feature in FSQL it will be nice to be able to map table fields on the alarm configuration to any opc items of actions. In our application we will like to map with every alarm record a Batch Id, Segment Id, Actual Process Value, Alarm Limit, Username