SQL Tags Browser in FactoryPMI question

In FactoryPMI Designer when I click on the SQL Tags Browser I get two sources of tags. These are:
1.) “MySQL” which is the name of the Database connection I made in FactorySQL.
2.) “FSQL” which has the identical information as “MySQL.”
When I expand them they are identical; both show the entire contents of the KEPware OPC server that I am using.
Two questions:
1.) What is the difference between these two?
2.) I also would have expected to see a subset of points that I am logging to the MySQL database using FactorySQL and not every point that is in the KEPware OPC Server.

To clarify - are you talking about the “SQLTags Browser” or the “OPC Browser” in the FactoryPMI Designer?

It was the “Browse OPC Servers” icon in the “SQL Tags Browser” box. I went to FactorySQL and renamed the data connection to OpsMySql I now only get the “FSQL” icon; the “MySQL” icon is gone.

Yeah, those names are from each FactorySQL that you have configured pointing to the SQLTags database schema. They simply resolve to a network address of where the FactorySQL resides, so if they are both pointing to ‘localhost’, they’ll be equivalent. You want to use the one whose name matches the name you configured in the SQLTags setting for FactorySQL.