SQL Tags connection issue


I am having problems with SQL Tags and MSSQL Express2005.

I installed MSSQLexpress as per the video and then created a project to use that database. The project seemed to work alright, so I wanted to change the db from “tempdb” (which the video uses) to a new db name that means more to me. I created the db and then used FSQL to generate the tables. This seems to be alright as I can see the tables within the db using SQL management studio.

The problem I currently have is that I cannot get the SQL Tags browser to allow a connection to the db. I get an error and I am also not allowed to create new db tags. The system does not use any OPC at this time.

Any clues to this?



Hi Adam,

Have you created a new Datasource in the Gateway configuration and set the project’s Primary Datasource to this?


Yes, it sounds like your FactorySQL side is fine and that you need to go set up the data connection in FactoryPMI.


Thanks for the reply, Colby.

I have performed the setup from within the gateway configuration, if that is what you are talking about. Could it be the way I have the databse created in MSSQL? I can view the tables and data that FSQL loads into those tables.

Thanks again,


If you go to the FactoryPMI gateway, then to “Gateway Status”, and then “SQLTags”, does the entry for your connection show up green? If not, what is the error message?


The status is GREEN, and “Running”. This is what has been confusing me.

Anything else that you can think of for me to look at?

NEVER MIND… For some reason the 4th reboot of the PC fixed the problem…for now :unamused: