SQL Tags & UDT Import/Export

Just an FYI - this was brought up in the last release but when UDTs are exported them re-imported the children data types are all messed up. They default to string type. This is still present in Beta4.

Also - is the CSV export gone for good or will it be coming back?


CSV export will not likely be coming back.

With the addition of UDTs and various other bits of required information the export tag format has grown too complex to be managed with CSV.

I believe the ability to import legacy CSV exports will remain, however.

And let me quickly say that we’re definitely aware that this is something some people will greatly miss.

However, we think that once people get used to it, it won’t actually have much of an impact. I think that if we have a couple good guides for how to edit these types of files, and if we have some decent tool recommendations, it will help people adapt. We’re working on that.


Re Beta 6:

I tried exporting a UDT and INT4 data types are exported without the data type property and the result is they import as a string. (.xml)

Booleans seem to work fine on export and re-import. No comment on other data types.