SQL Tags

I added a bunch of SQL tags via the FPMI SQL Tags browser by dragging the tags from the OPC Browser. It took quite a while, so I thought it would be faster if I used the Import feature instead. So, I exported the tags to see what the cvs file looks like, but don’t quite understand what I’m seeing.

I am using the Kepware OPC Server, and use dot names so my tags are organized much more logically (this creates groups in Kepware). For instance, my OPC tag names would look like this:


I’ve always done it this way, and as far as I can tell, I haven’t had a problem with my project running at the customer site.

But, when I export the tags form the tag browser, I get something like this:

Path			Name		TagType	DataType	Enabled		AccessRights
			Machine_1	6		2		TRUE		Read_Write	
Machine_1/		Inputs		6		2		TRUE		Read_Write	
Machine_1/Inputs/	ProxSw		0		1		TRUE		Read_Write

I’m not sure why the tab formatting isn’t preserved, but the first two items have a TagType and DataType of 6 and 2. These are the first two parts of the dot names, and aren’t really tags. Is that what 6 and 2 mean, or are they artifacts? Do I also need to give them Enabled and AccessRights properties? Or can I just ignore these altogether when I create my own cvs file to import, and just include the actual tags? I just want to understand this correctly.



Tag type 6 means “Folder”. Data type doesn’t really make sense for folders, so it’s just a default value. Basically, you can ignore just about all of the other settings with Folder tags.

Ultimately you probably don’t need to worry about them at all- folders will be created implicitly as necessary when the tags are loaded.

Hope this helps,