SQL UDT Tag exports to XML

We are using 7.8.5 (b2016120813) and JAVA version Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_60

We have created 1 UDT “BitAlarm” with parameters “1.Device” and “2.Address” and we are using this UDT in another UDT called as “Section”. But we are not passing parameters of “Section” UDT to BitAlarm parameters. We have filled the device and address while creating tags.

Now, we want to change the few address “2.Address” assigned to “Bitalarm” UDT. For this we are exporting the tags to XML file. After exporting we found that the “1.Device” parameter is exposed in the XML file under tag but “2.Address” parameter is not found. However we tried to export those tags in CSV format. But still facing same issue, “2.Address” parameter is not exposed in both file formats.

Please suggest any other method or suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

I have not been able to find direct access to tag parameters.
The option that I use change tag parameter values is to remove the tag and add it back with the new parameters.
The downside to this method is if you have active values in memory tags you need to grab that data just before removeTag and write it back just after addTag.

paramDictionary = {‘paramName_1’:‘newParam_1_value’,‘paramName_n’:‘newParam_n_value’}
keepTagValue = system.tag.read(tagToGetNewParams).value
system.tag.addTag(tagToGetNewParams, parameters=paramDictionary)

I’ve done this from the script console and from Vision client event scripts.
Personally, I prefer this method over exporting and editing tags.xml then importing it back in (but… I also prefer Coke vs. Pepsi) and it gives your users the ability to change parameters in a run-time setting.

If someone has a better way to access and change tag parameter values, I’d appreciate seeing it.