Sql view in ignition

Good morning,
Is it possible create sql View in the scripts or in the Named query???

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What do you mean by "sql View"?

In my Sql server, I need to create view with Ignition

I think you are asking, "Is it possible to display data from an SQL query in an Ignition window (Vision) or Ignition view (Perspective)?" Is that correct?

The answer is "yes" to both. Which are you working with - Vision or Perspective?

No, It isn't not correct.
In Sql Server management studio, I can create View in the Sql Server.
I ask if it's possible to create Sql Server View also with Ignition.

Yes can create view using Named Queries with Query Type as Update Query

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if You want SQL CREATE VIEW Statement, use this syntaxe:

CREATE VIEW identifiantTest
	SELECT id_center
	FROM turbine
	WHERE id_center >200

Query type ** Update Query**

I test it , it work.


There is no way that would work. Please take care in your writing.

is not something like that he is waiting?

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He's talking about the spelling. :wink: