SQLBridge and Indirect Tags


I’d like to have some more generic Transaction groups.

We have 4 groups of things things that are identical. Using the same Data Types layout differing only by a key field that corresponds on both the Tag Naming convention and the Database Key.

Presently I’m having to do 4 sets of Transaction Groups with hard coding both the Key field and the OPC Tag Paths, Instead I’d like to define an Expression(Memory) Item containing the Key field that would have to be set based upon the triggering expression which would then be used in order to replace the Key portion of the OPC Tag Path used by the Tag Items.

It is kind of a pain to have a suite of Transaction Groups defined that are duplicated 4 times, and whenever I have to change one, I have to go and make the same change to the other 3.

Maybe a Transaction Group Template???

Thank you,

Great idea. Consider putting it on ideas.inductiveautomation.com

I have a similar issue as you meet,
I need to update the OPCUA server address of OPC tags in SQLBridge dynamically

I posted an idea in below link: